About Us


Hi there, I'm Anastasia – Let Me Share My Journey with You
Let me take you back to a life-changing trip I had a while ago. Picture this: I'm in Jaipur, India, a place known for its beautiful gemstones. I spent a whole month there, not just as a tourist, but diving deep into meditation and yoga.
During my time in Jaipur, something incredible happened. I was introduced to the world of crystals, and it was like discovering a hidden treasure. The beauty and energy of these crystals blew me away. I couldn't believe how much they impacted me on a spiritual level.
That's when it hit me – I wanted to share this amazing experience with others. I wanted to create jewelry that had a real purpose, something that could carry the magic of these crystals and help people feel that same positive energy.
So, SparklezSilver was born. It's not just about jewellery; it's about celebrating the beauty of crystals, connecting with their energy, and boosting your self-belief.
Take a look at our collections, and you'll see what I mean. Each gemstone jewellery is a reflection of my journey and an invitation for you to start your own. Let's keep shining and empowering together.
Thanks for being a part of SparklezSilver
Anastasia  xxx


Our mission is to bring crystals' incredible energy and beauty into the lives of people like you. We're here to create jewelry that isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good. It's about connecting with the Earth's treasures and embracing your unique self.
We believe that every piece of jewelry should carry a purpose beyond adornment. That's why we pour our hearts into designing pieces that resonate with your individuality, allowing you to feel the positive energy that crystals can offer.